About Ioline UK & Europe

About Ioline UK European Offices

and network Systems

Our company has been around since January 1989 supplying servicing and supporting technology products. As the name suggests we sold computing and networking equipment, but in 1992 we partnered with Ioline Corp. from Seattle USA representing and selling Ioline products.

We changed our company name in about 2001 to Long Range Systems UK Ltd but still trade as Network Systems which is the Ioline office for this part of the world.

We continue to sell and support Ioline throughout the UK and Europe.

What else do we do?

Because we're a technology company we're not just limited to one aspect of trading. Communications has improved dramatically over the years and in 2001 we also partnered with Long Range Systems from Dallas TX. USA. This has allowed us to continue to expand the company far further than where we were back in 2001. Today, we still sell and support all of the technologies we're known for and our turnover continues to rise as does our customer base in many sectors of business throughout the UK and Europe.

We also sell and support CadLink software SignLab and EngraveLab and other CadLink software. We offer full training on CadLink software both from our offices here and on-site with customers equipment if needed, however on-site support does cost more and most customers opt to come to us.

We also supply computer equipment suitable for this sector of business for running software to control Ioline products. We can supply complete solutions for almost any application and set up the Ioline products on those systems. 

Lastly we have a mobile phone devision within the company that has been in operation since the early 90's and we supply mobile phones and contracts to thousands of customers within the UK only. If you have a cellphone contract then we can analyse the contract for you and likely save you (for some clients) tens of thousands of pounds per annum. However, our support services are the main reason that customers renew their business mobile phone contracts with us year after year. If you have any issues with your mobile phones then please do talk to us, we have supported customers that have issues with their network provider on many occasions.

For further information either call +44(0)1782 544700 or contact us directly.