FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

about Ioline Products and services

We do cover questions below pertaining to Ioline products and our support from the UK. Please heck to see if the answer to your question is covered here. Alternatively call +44(0)1782 544700 or use the contact info form and we will be pleased to help. This FAQs or frequently asked page is occasionally updated with new questions.

General questions
We support all Ioline products that are currently manufactured. We can also support older products for many years after they are no longer made or have been superseded. However, there is a limit to the amount of time involved and our ability to supply certain spares for repair. For example if you have a plotter from the early 80's we cannot always supply replacement parts to fix that specific unit. If the products are reasonably old then often we can still help to get it operational satisfactorily once more. All current products are supported fully.
Ioline Corp. is based at: Ioline Corporation, 14140 NE 200th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072 U.S.A. Tel: 1.425.398.8282 or Fax: 1.425.398.8383 or visit www.ioline.com This website ( www.iolineeurope.com and www.ioline.co.uk ) is specifically for customers in the UK and Europe only. Contact Ioline Corporation of you are based outside this territory.
There are very many applications available in the world that support Ioline products ranging from old operating systems, old versions of software and many other issues. While we can offer you advice on the Ioline product please understand that support of software systems you may have bought is usually via the selling and/or the developer. Where there are communications issues we can support the Ioline products to ensure the communications interfaces are working properly, but we don't automatically add extended support to third party applications. Where we do support third party applications (that MUST be current versions) we reserve the right to charge for that service if necessary.
All shipping charges are payable by the customer both to us and from us here in the UK.
Here in the UK and Europe (where we have supplied the product originally) we offer a one year warranty since 2012. This covers manufacturing defects and is active from the date of purchase of the product from Ioline UK & Europe. If products are purchased from any other source then we reserve the right to either refer you back to the original seller or to charge for any warranty support.
We do from time to time offer remote support to customers within the UK & Europe where we can achieve that through the internet. If the computer that the Ioline works from is not connected to the internet then we cannot offer this support. However, if you connect the system to the internet we can help you with your problem. There may or may not be any charge for this service but depending on the problem we do reserve the right to charge for labour involved if the issue is not a specific Ioline problem. If the Ioline system has been purchased from anywhere else than the UK and European office then this service will always carry a cost.