CrystalPress™ Rhinestone Placement Machine



Note that this product is now discontinued.

Watch this video of the CrystalPress™ and you will immediately see just how flexible this unit is. If you're in the business of Rhinestones & Crystals in the decorative markets then just imagine how useful the CrystalPress will be for your business; watch the efficiency of your company grow 10 fold and increase profitability beyond where you thought possible. Only available from Ioline!

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Overview of the CrystalPress™

Create Economical Rhinestone Transfers in Minutes, Automatically!
  • Up to 100 stone sizes and colors per design
  • Extra large 15.75" x 13.5" and 15.75" x 31.5" transfer sheets
  • Works with premium rhinestones, octagon Rhine studs and crystals
  • Lowest cost automatic placement machine in the world

Made in the USA





  • Design with multiple colours/stone size
    • The CrystalPress allows you use multiple colours and sizes in your design. Each bowl can hold a different colour/size and the Crystal Studio software instructs the pick and place tool which stone to use.
  • Intuitive Pick and Place tool No missed stones
    • The pick and place tool does not leave the sorter bowl without a rhinestone to place. The sensor in the tool will stay at the bowl looking for a rhinestone until it picks one up.
  •  Hardware

    • Requirements: A Windows-based PC running Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
    • Connectivity: Plugs into a PC just like an office printer-via serial or USB port.
  •  Dimensions

      The CrystalPress's compact design fits small spaces. Place on a tabletop

    • Footprint: 7 in deep x 44 in wide x 13.5 in tall
  •  Consumables
    • Heat transfer paper: Heat transfer paper is cut into 15.75" x 12.5" segments.
    • Rhinestones: Rhinestones come in a variety of colours, shapes and price levels.
  •  Low maintenance

      There's relatively little to maintain on the CrystalPress!

    • Lubrication: No oiling or grease required. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.

Crystal Press Specifications




Design Area

34 cm

13.5 in


30.5 cm

12 in


111.8 cm

44 in


17.8 cm

7 in

Sorter Bowls

1 standard, 1 additional can be installed


3000 rhinestones placed per hour


Connects to PC via serial or USB port



(Included with CrystalPress System)

Operating system

Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, Win 8 or 10

Editing capabilities

On-screen visualization Mirror imaging.PLT and .DXF import filters

Design software compatibility

Adobe Illustrator®CorelDraw!®























Heat transfer sheets

Motifs are created by placing stones on heat transfer sheets. CrystalPress sheets are customized to work in the machine.

Two versions are available, a 26 pack of 15.75" x 13.5" sheets and a 10 pack of 15.75" x 31.5" sheets (stand recommended).



Rhinestones come in a variety of colors, shapes and price levels.
Contact us for rhinestone pricing and availability

Ioline stocks and sells Preciosa Crystals and Premium Rhinestones and Octagon Rhinestuds. We also sell Swarovski Crystals by special order.

Ioline CrystalPress works with these and other Rhinestone brands. Please contact us for help determining if your Rhinestones are compatible.

Please note that the CrystalPress comes with one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

For further details contact us or call +44(0)1782 544700