Ioline 300 Appliqué System



Versatile cutting and digitizing system


More decorative apparel and promotional products companies use the Ioline 300 System to cut sports letters and appliqué graphics than any other cutting system. Companies large and small report that after putting a 300 in their workroom, production time decreases, lead time drops and output jumps—sometimes doubling or more.

Maximise your profit

At a certain point in the business growth cycle, the convenience of sourcing pre-cut letters and graphics from a service bureau is undercut by materials costs and the lack of operational control.

A number of factors determine whether and when to bring the process in-house:

  • Limited selection
  • Long lead times
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Quality control
  • Waste
  • Customization surcharges
  • Left-over inventory
  • The high cost of short runs

As you study ways to streamline your operation, you'll no doubt consider how to increase output. If you can produce more in less time with the same or minimal investment in labor, equipment and resources, your margins grow.

The Ioline 300 System offers the ideal solution. It helps cut costs and boost profit. And unlike other cutting solutions, this tabletop cutter fits easily into your
"I make more money with the Ioline 300 than with my embroidery machine. I cut the design and slap it on while people wait. They love that I can do whatever they want."

—Leah Bartoiny
Gym T'z

work space and budget. Easy to install and learn, you can be up and running in under an hour.

The 300 System produces both heat-transfer and embroidered appliqué designs and stitch files at a cost of pennies per piece. It cuts a wide variety of materials, giving you the flexibility to source fabric from the corner craft store in a pinch.

So, the next time the home soccer team brings on a left wing mid-season, don't get caught short on letter "E"s. Use the 300 System to create a jersey on the spot. The team, the fans and families will long remember your last-minute save.


Stretch your artistic genius

If you're like the typical Ioline 300 owner, you chose this business because you enjoy creative work. The 300 System gives you greater artistic license—and frees you to offer designs not found in your service bureau's or competitors' catalogues.

Use the 300 System to cut graphics from materials ranging from heat-transfer film to twill, cotton, denim, ultrasuede®, thin leather and other fabrics. The possible combinations of colour, pattern and texture are limited only by your imagination. As you begin to use the system, design ideas just start pouring out.


Stand apart from the crowd

Try a spotted-print fabric for the cheetah on your client's team spirit wear. Cut reflective letters for safety apparel, make vinyl signs or stencils and expand into new markets. Add a touch of plaid to resortwear—and a premium to the price; Appliquéd designs carry a higher perceived market value.


Lower stitch count

Embroidery looks beautiful on finished goods, but it's expensive in terms of production time. Appliqué not only complements embroidery, it improves your margins by replacing stitches with fabric, freeing your embroidery machines to work on other jobs.


For more in-depth information please check 300 Series Systems or contact Ioline UK or call 01782 544700 for more information.