Ioline 350 Appliqué Plotter System



Versatile cutting and digitizing system


The Ioline 350HF is a high-force cutting system designed for decorative apparel, sewn goods and light industrial applications.

Take all the benefits of the 300 System, add the ability to cut thicker materials, and you've got a powerful and flexible cutting solution in the 350HF.

Like its counterpart, the Ioline 300 System, the 350HF cuts intricate shapes and patterns out of materials as thin as heat-transfer and vinyl, plus has the extra force necessary to cut chenille, scrim felt, leather, soft PVC and other dense materials.

The 350HF plotter is an ideal choice for manufacturing purse handles, shoe straps and insoles, chenille letters for varsity jackets, embellishments for products such as golf bags and pet carriers, and for producing industrial products cut from sheet plastic, fiberglass window screen and similarly dense materials.

The 350HF also produces appliqué and sports lettering from twill, cotton, sequin stretch, leather and a variety of other materials. And, like the 300 System, the 350HF includes Ioline's 301 Software for making sew disks and editing stitches. If you've ever purchased pre-cut letters, then you know how costly it can be. The Ioline 350HF can help you gain more control over your business and improve your margins.

The 350 HF has the ability to go where other products fail to deliver. Cutting pressure on lower competitive products simply cannot compete with the pressures we can apply for cutting on the 350 HF cutter. Its a unique product in the plotting/cutting market place and is made in the USA to the highest standards. While there are other cheaper products available from others the fact remains that the 350 HF will last you for years - far longer than most of the 'budget' brands and with the best support available from any manufacturer. 

We are available for support between 9:00 and 17:30 Monday to Friday and can help with remote support if you have internet connectivity to your computer that is using the application and that the 350 HF is connected to.

For more in-depth information please check 350HF Series Systems or contact Ioline UK or call 01782 544700 for more information.