Ioline FlexJet E-II Inkjet printer Plotter




If you are in the most competitive market place there is you need an Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II inkjet printer. It has some of the lowest operating costs of any inkjet printer plotter on the market today. Its a large format plotter that supports ultra wide plotting all the way up to 2.2m in width.

The Ioline FlexJet E-II does not suffer from slower printing because the plot density is higher... in fact the speed does not slow at all. This reduces costs of manufacture when making complex detailed or heavily annotated markers. No matter what the job now you can enjoy and benefit from output speeds of up to 155 square meters per hour!

Flexible, open-architecture design

 Import from or export to a variety of file formats in supported software. Works with a wide variety of CAD systems:

  •  Assyst® / cad. assyst®
  •  Audaces Fashion Technology®
  •  AutoDesk® / AutoCAD®
  •  Gerber® / Accumark®
  •  Gerber® / Micro Mark®
  •  Gerber® / Microdynamics®
  •  Investronica® / Invesmark Futura®
  •  Lectra® / DiaminoFashion®
  •  Lectra® / MGS®
  •  PAD® / Master Marker®
  •  Polygon® / PolyNest®
  •  Polytropon® / PolyPattern®
  •  Optitex®
  •  Vetigraph® / Optimum®
  •  ... and others


FlexJet E-II uses widely available HP® ink cartridges

  • Purchase replacement cartridges at off-the-shelf prices.
  • No wait for delivery of proprietary ink.
  • Costs only £0.20 / 100 square yards—compared to over £2.00 for other inkjet brands.
  • Convenient workflow: pause your marker, pop in a new cartridge, and resume plotting.
  • Choice of six line quality settings for additional cost control: Thin, normal or thick lines in Best or Draft mode.


Maximize output

  • Ergonomic, front-floor paper loading—only one operator required.
  • Intuitive keyboard-make rapid adjustments at the press of a button; no buried LCD menus.
  • Convenient, on-screen adjustment for complex plotter settings.
  • Rapid ink cartridge replacement.


Reliable, hassle-free plotting

  • Maintaining the FlexJet E™ is as easy as keeping it clean. Wipe paper dust off the traverse and brush the drive shaft from time to time.
  • Low-friction carriage design, encapsulated paper encoder and self-contained servo motor help maintain accurate tracking and eliminate periodic maintenance and service calls.
  • Metal gears and precision bearings resist wear and tear; 95% U.S.A. parts content.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to exacting engineering specifications.


For more in-depth information please check the FlexJet E-II Series or contact Ioline UK and Europe or call 01782 544700 for more information.