Ioline FlexJet E Inkjet printer Plotter




If you need speed to create intricate or highly-annotated markers, there's no faster—or more economical—inkjet than the Ioline FlexJet E™.

Through a ground-breaking feat of engineering, the FlexJet E™ produces 300–600 dpi line quality, more than double that of other brands, meaning you no longer have to compromise speed or quality.

Not only does the FlexJet E™ create clearer, more legible markers than other inkjet models, it does so at a lower cost of ink. It's also easier and less expensive to maintain and includes life-time FREE support.

This open-architecture printer is the first upgradeable machine of its kind. It grows as your operation grows. A simple upgrade kit transforms the high-speed FJ45 into any of three faster models. You no longer need to buy another plotter when your demand for throughput increases.

Ioline is offering the FlexJet E™ at up to 66% less than competing brands.

There's no reason to purchase a new plotter when your throughput requirements increase. With its speed-upgradeable design, the FlexJet E™ adapts to your operation as your needs change.

Compare to other brands

  • Plots more square meters / hour.
  • No loss of speed in Best print-quality mode.
  • Prints highly detailed or annotated markers with no degradation in speed.


Flexible, open-architecture design

Choose partners based on their merits rather than what software they use. Import from or export to a variety of file formats. Works with a wide variety of CAD systems:

  •  Assyst® / cad. assyst®
  •  Audaces Fashion Technology®
  •  AutoDesk® / AutoCAD®
  •  Gerber® / Accumark®
  •  Gerber® / Micro Mark®
  •  Gerber® / Microdynamics®
  •  Investronica® / Invesmark Futura®
  •  Lectra® / DiaminoFashion®
  •  Lectra® / MGS®
  •  PAD® / Master Marker®
  •  Polygon® / PolyNest®
  •  Polytropon® / PolyPattern®
  •  Optitex®
  •  Vetigraph® / Optimum®
  •  ... and others


Uses widely available HP® ink cartridges

  • Purchase replacement cartridges at off-the-shelf prices.
  • No wait for delivery of proprietary ink.
  • Costs only £0.20 / 100 square yards—compared to over £2.00 for other inkjet brands.
  • Convenient workflow: pause your marker, pop in a new cartridge, and resume plotting.
  • Choice of six line quality settings for additional cost control: Thin, normal or thick lines in Best or Draft mode.


Maximize output

  • Ergonomic, front-floor paper loading—only one operator required.
  • Intuitive keyboard-make rapid adjustments at the press of a button; no buried LCD menus.
  • Convenient, on-screen adjustment for complex plotter settings.
  • Rapid ink cartridge replacement.


Reliable, hassle-free plotting

  • Maintaining the FlexJet E™ is as easy as keeping it clean. Wipe paper dust off the traverse and brush the drive shaft from time to time.
  • Low-friction carriage design, encapsulated paper encoder and self-contained servo motor help maintain accurate tracking and eliminate periodic maintenance and service calls.
  • Metal gears and precision bearings resist wear and tear; 95% U.S.A. parts content.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to exacting engineering specifications.


For more in-depth information please check the FlexJet E Series or contact our office or call 01782 544700 for more information.